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The mission of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is to serve as a grass roots coalition of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen dedicated to environmental stewardship.

We will champion the intrinsic value of natural resource conservation including fishing, hunting and trapping – among opinion leaders and policy makers. We will support legislation, and those sponsoring legislation, that provides lasting ecological and social enrichment through sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

Grassroots: Your vote counts!

Grassroots is defined as the involvement of common citizens in an issue or campaign. The outdoors men and outdoors women of New Jersey have proved the power of grassroots efforts by uniting and electing/reelecting nine (9) conservation minded legislators to office.

The uniting of approximately 800,000 anglers, hunters, trappers, foresters, marine ecologists and conservationists of all interests have not only prevented hostile legislation from becoming law but has reminded politicians that the power of election results lay in the hands of voters.

Our numbers present one of the largest voting blocs in New Jersey. It has helped us in creating the New Jersey Angling and Hunting Conservation Caucus, the first such caucus in the state! The uniting of the outdoorsmen and women of NJ also provided urgency and momentum to the many conservation bills we would like to have signed into law.

Remember: exercise your right to vote!

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3. Mail to: NJOA, PO Box 655, Belmar, NJ, 07719


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