What Does NJOA Do?

Our team is always working behind the scenes to protect your hunting, fishing and trapping rights. Here is a list of bills introduced in to the NJ Legislature that could...

We Need to Fight This Bad Bill

Dear NJOA Supporters, There is another bill (Resolution) being introduced in the NJ legislature in an to attempt to eliminate trapping.  The bill is ACR-164/SCR124.  So far there are only two sponsors...

Support the New Jersey Comprehensive Black Bear Policy

The New Jersey Black Bear Policy has been under attack by anti-hunting forces for years.  This year’s hunt was approved as an emergency measure but we still need to adopt a...

New Jersey Sportsmen and Gun Owners are in Trouble

December 2021 It’s taken me over a month to come to grips with the results of the November election.  While on the surface nothings changed, Murphy still sits in the...

Black Bear in New Jersey, A Ticking Time Bomb

As the Black Bear population in New Jersey grows well past Biologist’s recommendations, Governor Murphy sits on his hands and prevents adoption of the Comprehensive Black Bear Policy and a...


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