Support the New Jersey Comprehensive Black Bear Policy

The New Jersey Black Bear Policy has been under attack by anti-hunting forces for years.  This year’s hunt was approved as an emergency measure but we still need to adopt a Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy to insure that the hunt continues after this year.  The state is soliciting comments on the CBBMP.  You can be sure that the anti’s will be commenting to try to disrupt the policy.  So we hunters need to go to the state web site and offer comments in support of the CBBMP using the form at this link.

Here is the link —

Question #1 asks if you support the policy.  Click the “Support” button and then add comments in the comment section to show why you support the policy. 

Here are some suggested points to make when commenting on the proposed changes to bear hunting regulations and Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy.  You can cut and paste some or all of these reasons for your support.  See the example below.

  1. I support the scientific management of bears as recommended by DFW biologists and proposed by NJ Fish and Game Council.
  2. I support the population management of bears though regulated sport hunting which is the most cost-effective means to control the population and utilized by all States with abundant bear populations.
  3. Non-lethal management efforts are important but will NOT control the bear population.
  4. Since hunting has stopped, the bear population has nearly doubled.
  5. Past research has demonstrated that damage and nuisance complaints are highly correlated with the population:  When the population is managed, complaints go down, and when the population increases, so do damage and nuisance complaints.
  6. A lack of a hunt has resulted in a 270% increase in damage and nuisance complaints.
  7. The over 70 aggressive bear interactions with citizens this year is unprecedented and represents a serious threat to human safety.
  8. Support the Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy (CBBMP) because it is comprehensive, meets the criteria established by the NJ Supreme Court.
  9. CBBMP is multi-faceted and comprehensive and contains public education, including control of human derived foods, both inhouse and cooperative research on bears to continue state of the art management; habitat protection, response and control of nuisance bears and population control though sport hunting.

Note that the changes to the bear hunting regulations represent political compromises.  The taking of  cubs less than 75 pounds, sows with such cubs, and restriction on hunting within 300ft of bait are not detrimental to the population or unethical, as evidenced by the success of past hunts and continued healthy and growing  bear population.   But recognize the Council made these concessions during negotiations with the Governor.

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