Our Officers: John Toth

About John

John is a lifelong New Jerseyan and conservationist with a passion for fishing above all other sports. John is a noted conservationist and conservative thought leader on public policy issues including hunting, fishing, gun rights, free-market tax and wage policy and the environment. His interests include hunting, fishing, trapping, cigars and cooking.

John’s Role With NJOA | Trustee

As a trustee, John’s role on the board is as policy expert for all things marine fisheries. Having been involved with Marine Fisheries and saltwater angling regulations for decades, John brings a wealth of information and experience dealing with the complexities of saltwater fishing regulations to bear for NJOA’s members and the anglers of New Jersey.

John is also very much involved with monitoring the windmills planned for off of the New Jersey coast and their effects on our fisheries and environment.

Community Involvement

  • Current President of the Salt Water Anglers of Bergen County
  • Three-term Past President of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association
  • Vice President of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association
  • Past President of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance


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