Enjoy a Wild Game Feast with the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Dinner Fundraiser

The Black Forest Inn 249 Hwy 206 Stanhope NJ

Sunday March 26, 2023 cocktails starting at 4 PM

Order tickets online at https://secure.anedot.com/new-jersey-outdoor-alliance/c1f71edc022188fd05b9c

Contact kavester@aol.com or call 201-304-4691

On Sunday, March 26th, NJOA will once again team up with the renowned Aichem family of chefs at the Black Forest Inn to host a traditional springtime huntsman’s dinner of venison, wild boar, pheasant, turkey, freshly caught fish and more. What better way to shrug off winter chills and celebrate the start of spring. Please join us to demonstrate your support. The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance and its Political Action Committee need your support to maintain and build on past successes since 2007.
Our mission is simple – support outdoor-minded legislation and legislators who support hunting, fishing, trapping and the conservation of our natural resources in the great state of New Jersey. It is important for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen to exercise their right to vote and determine the legislators elected to office since it is these legislators (Governor, Senators and Assembly members) who are responsible for making laws that affect fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation in the state.
Here are some more reasons to attend:
Meet your pro-outdoors state legislators that championed NIOA efforts in 2022
Meet with fellow sportsmen and sportswomen to celebrate our rich heritage and enjoy the bounty from our forests, fields and waters.
50/50 raffle and thousands of dollars in outdoor gear to win in our tricky tray auction
Wild Game Dinner Tickets are $100 and must be purchased in advance. Reserve your seat and preserve our outdoor legacy.

For ticket sales, corporate sponsorship, and reservations, contact Arnie Ulrich 1-201-304-4691 or email
kavester@aol.com. Dinner ticket sales will support the NJOA (PAC). All other proceeds will support the efforts of the NJOA Environmental Projects. When purchasing dinner tickets, please include your name, employer and town, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Order tickets on line at> https://secure.anedot.com/new-ersey-outdoor-alliance/c1/71edc022188fd05b9c

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