NJOA Op-Ed: Why Fox Trapping Is Critically Important

An NJOA trustee recently penned an op-ed in response to uproar driven by unfair media coverage over the trapping of red foxes in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey.

The hashtag activists are at it again, Save Jerseyans. Once again we have an example of one-sided, biased, opinion-driven “journalism” brought to us totally devoid of facts, reason or logic.

So what’s going on?

An at-or-near carrying capacity red fox population in the City of Brigantine is being responsibly managed by both the state DEP and local sportsmen. These foxes are being legally, not to mention humanely hunted, trapped and euthanized, but news reports emerged that are resulting in a public outcry from activists with an agenda.

It\’s critical for the sportsmen to respond in kind to uproar like this and the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance monitors the media diligently to respond in kind to all threats to our sporting traditions.

Read the entire Save Jersey op-ed by clicking here

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