Quail in the Classroom
Quail in the Classroom Teacher Workshop

The members of the New Jersey Quail Project (NJQP) steering committee have always felt that raising awareness of the need to create, improve and defragment habitat is as important as helping to stop the impending disappearance of the Northern bobwhite quail from New Jersey’s landscape.  Approximately, two years ago a partnership was formed among the NJQP, NJ DFW Information & Education, and the NJ Forestry Service (FREC) to create a model program and involve teachers, students and families in the community in a hands-on project that would bring these issues close to home in a multi-disciplinary setting that not only reinforces conservation needs but allows participants to be part of the solution in a personal way. 

Quail chick
The NJ curriculum is based on the succful program from Mississippi State University (MSU).  The MSU researchers were very generous in sharing their experiences and materials with us, which helped to jump start planning in New Jersey. 
The 2010-11 school year is our pilot year. This budding project was well received by the excited partners and a grant from the
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation (NJOA-CF) ensured that critical financing was in place.

Teachers from Schools that have become part of the Quail in the Classroom Program promise to complete the following tasks:
  • participate in a one-day inservice workshop (held annual in the fall);
  • integrate the Quail in the Classroom (QIC) Program in the classroom with students;
  • complete a demonstration quail habitat enhancement project;
  • have a QIC exhibit in their home school;
  • have students keep a journal of the QIC project;
  • have students prepare a powerpoint presentation of their QIC experiences;
  • provide good stewardship of all equipment (and prompt return of borrowed equipment if class leaves the program*;
  • ensure that from egg to chick that they will be cared for appropriately including food, water and cleanliness.

Schools that are participating this year are:
  • Allamuchy Township School, Allamuchy
  • Anastasia School, Long Branch
  • Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School, Jackson
  • Hartford Upper Elementary School, Mount Laurel
  • Lake Rivera Middle School, Brick
  • Mullica Township School, Sweetwater
  • New Egypt High School, New Egypt
  • Stafford Intermediate School, Manahawkin

Learning how to use the incuabators

FREC staff and volunteers have created a demonstration quail habitat and work was started just prior to our first Teacher Workshop that took place in September, 2010.  It is well worth a visit but so is the entire FREC which is truly a fun, eye-opening and fun experience.

Pola Galie will be leading a Quail in the Classroom Workshop at the
14th Annual Environmental Educator's Round Table on Wednesday, 4/27/11 at the Lighthouse Center for Natural Resource Education in Waretown, NJ. If you know a teacher who may be interested. It is recommended that they attend this fun filled day of workshops for both formal and informal environmental educators.
Be sure to check out Updates, photos and reports from the Quail in the Classroom Program as they become available online at

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