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It's a true story and it happened here in New Jersey. A 7-year-old boy crouched near the door of his home, brandishing a 5-inch kitchen knife as the doorbell rang. In an act of courage he was willing to protect his mother from animal extremists. This is a boy also found standing at the garage door of his family's home braving the threat of harassment and intimidation from animal extremists to safeguard his mom. He told her, "...not to worry. " “...He was going to get the animal people."
The boy was facing a tyranny perpetrated by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC.) Six SHAC members were charged with animal enterprise terrorism, stalking and other offenses. Their campaign of fear was directed at forcing the closure of an animal testing lab located in New Jersey, Huntingdon Life Sciences. The 7-year-old boy had a parent employed by the company.
The New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance set up a fund to defend the SHAC thugs and also attempted to gain their release from prison. A NJARA member actually visited one of the prisoners and then made a public plea to improve the quality of this criminal's time in prison.  (see below **)
Another NJARA member was unhappy when Senator James Inhofe (R) announced hearings to investigate animal rights terrorism (eco-terrorism.) He posted on AR-NEWS urging activists to send letters to Inhofe characterizing the hearings as a waste of money and a diversion from the evils of global warming and birth defects. (See: Activist Wants Senate to Cancel Eco/Animal Rights Terrorism Hearings)
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance has a website dedicated to the elimination of animal testing, like that performed by Huntingdon Life Sciences, and called "" Given that NJARA condoned the actions of SHAC by setting up a defense for their freedom from prison and also had a member visit one of the hoodlums to improve his prison conditions - it seems reasonable to conclude that the organization doesn't object to a 7-year-old being driven to a state of anguish to fend for his family. However, since NJARA has a website called "" there is no need for speculation, we'll let the organization provide answers for their actions.   
1. Since NJARA appears to support the actions of SHAC do you also support any employee of an animal testing business be subjected to incitement of threats, harassment and calls to be vandalized? Is it acceptable for animal extremists to threaten a mother with emails telling her they will "cut her 7-year-old son open and stuff him with poison?" Is it acceptable to terrorize a man with being "showered with glass as people smashed all the windows of his home and overturned his wife's car?" These are the intimidation tactics that were directed at the employees working for Huntingdon Life Sciences. This, and more, is detailed in the Associated Press accounting below.
2. Since NJARA supports the actions of SHAC is it justifiable for an employee to be victimized to the point where they "look over their shoulders when walking or driving?" Is it acceptable to NJARA that the employees of Huntingdon Life Sciences had their lives disrupted to the degree that they "changed their phone numbers or even moved?" How about menacing employees until they were forced to "...keep their children from playing outdoors..." and tormenting them until "...several bought guns?"  
3. We understand that NJARA was not involved in any of these acts but we'd like to know what prompted the organization to dedicate the time of its volunteers, and to direct the organization's funds, to helping free people convicted of the above mentioned heinous acts? Why aren't the people of NJARA sympathetic to the victims of this terror campaign? Why is there no remorse for the families? Why is it acceptable to NJARA that a child be driven to a brink where his vulnerable psyche is forced to make a stand and protect his mother from the "animal people?"   
4. Why would NJARA condone the acts of masked protesters videotaping people's comings and goings and also find it acceptable that they barge into their offices, screaming and tossing leaflets?
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance - we await your response. Your website "" invites us to ask these questions and the public deserves answers. Below is the article describing the acts of terror and the conviction of SHAC members - the people the NJARA has given moral support and created a fund for defending their actions in court.
Jury convicts animal welfare activists Associated Press  3/2/2006 TRENTON, N.J. - An animal-rights group and six members were convicted Thursday of using their Web site to incite threats, harassment and vandalism against a company that tests drugs and household products on animals. The group, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, maintained its actions were protected under the First Amendment. The government charged that SHAC waged a five-year campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, posting on its Web site information about the lab's employees and those who do business with Huntingdon, including their home phone numbers, addresses and where their children attended school. Many of those people saw their homes vandalized, and they and their families received threatening e-mails, faxes and phone calls. Many were also besieged by protesters parading with photos of mutilated animals and screaming "Puppy killer!" through megaphones at all hours outside their homes. One woman said she received an e-mail threatening to cut her 7-year-old son open and stuff him with poison. A man said he was showered with glass as people smashed all the windows of his home and overturned his wife's car. The defendants were not accused of directly making threats or carrying out vandalism. Instead, they were charged with inciting the harassment with their Internet postings. SHAC, based in Philadelphia, and six of its members were charged with animal enterprise terrorism, stalking and other offenses. The charges carry two to five years in prison and fines up to $250,000. Mike Caulfield, Huntingdon's general manager, said the verdict was "a victory for democracy, research and patients." "The government and this jury have sent a strong message to those who would ignore the democratic process and resort to criminal activity to advance their political views," Caulfield said in a statement. The federal jury deliberated over three days after a three-week trial. The defense rested after just one day, and used testimony from the group's president, Pamelyn Ferdin, a former child star who was the voice of Lucy in the "Peanuts" movies and played Felix Unger's daughter Edna on TV's "The Odd Couple." She was not charged. "For the government to say you can't say this and you can't say that is going down a very scary path of going toward fascism," she told the jury. Ferdin became leader of the group in 2004 after its former president, Kevin Kjonaas and the others were indicted. Also testifying was one of the defendants, Joshua Harper, who said that he opposes injuring any life form, including humans. But he also said it is all right to throw rocks through someone's window as long as the person isn't home. Many of the targets of the harassment testified that they started looking over their shoulders when walking or driving, changed their phone numbers or even moved. Some kept their children from playing outdoors, and several bought guns. Sally Dillenback said her young son would often crouch by the door brandishing a 5-inch kitchen knife when the doorbell rang, promising to protect his mommy. "He told me not to worry," she testified. "He said he was going to get the animal people. Once I found him at the garage door with a knife. That was his state of mind. He was a 7-year-old boy." Dillenback broke into tears as she recounted an anonymous e-mail that threatened to cut open her son and fill him with poison "the way Huntingdon does with the animals." Marian Harlos testified she got late-night calls in which someone asked: "Are you scared? Do you think the puppies should be scared?" She said masked protesters parked down the street from her house, videotaping her comings and goings. They barged into her office, screaming and tossing leaflets, and others ruined the rear door with glue and animal stickers, she said.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr. Chairman, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: "We've got your back!"

** From New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJ-ARA) for all those interested: "As you have read in our previous alerts, Kevin Kjonaas and Josh Harper, 2 of the SHAC defendants, are still in jail. Janine Motta from our office, visited with Josh this morning. She reports that he is in good spirits and things are going as well as can be expected (they are still waiting for vegan food to come in). They are confined to their cell 22 hours each day with nothing to do and nothing to read except letters from the outside. There are no books, no email, no newspapers, etc. Getting visitors (they're allowed 1 per day for only 15 minutes) and receiving mail are the highlights of their day. Even if you don't know Josh or Kevin, please take a few moments to drop them a line. What would you say to them? It's okay to start with "You don't know me but..." Talk about your animals, tell them how you got started in animal rights, let them know you appreciate all their efforts for the animals, talk about a campaign or project you are working on, tell them a silly joke, anything! They could really use the support and you'd be surprised how much a simple letter or card means. Kevin Kjonaas Monmouth County Correctional Institution 1 Waterworks Road Freehold, NJ 07728 Joshua Harper Monmouth County Correctional Institution 1 Waterworks Road Freehold, NJ 07728 They can receive letters (no stamps, envelopes, etc.), photos (no polaroids), and books only from the publisher (no, Barnes and Noble, etc.). Please keep in mind all mail is read by the authorities and write accordingly. Or, you can send them an email (which will be mailed to them) at: If anyone is interested in visiting, please contact Janine at our office at or 732-446-6808 to find out the details and restrictions."

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